Our Products

We believe in raising healthy and happy animals in their natural environments, free of exposure to pesticides or antibiotics. 


Pastured-Raised Chicken

We raise Cornish Cross broiler chickens. This breed is the ideal meat chicken because it grows quickly and is ready for your table in 8 weeks. Average live weight of this breed is about 8 pounds. 

Our Cornish Cross chickens are raised on pasture in a movable tracker. This allows us to move them weekly and give them access to fresh, green pasture during the entire growth cycle. We supplement their diet with Non-GMO grain sourced from Sunrise Farms in Staurts Draft, VA.


They are processed and packaged on farm. We offer whole chickens, boneless skinless breast, leg quarters, and wings.


Woodland-Raised Pork

We raise a variety of heritage breed hogs and strive to give our pigs a natural diet. 

We allow our hogs to graze freely in a wooded environment, giving them access to forage for nuts, berries, leaves, and to root around at their pleasure. We supplement their diet with Non-GMO and Soy FREE grain.  Typical live weight of our hogs ranges between 200-300 pounds.  

There are many benefits to woodland-raised pork. First, it decreases the chance of disease. Also, it allows seed germination and soil rehabilitation. Finally, the varied diet provides a rich and robust flavor in the meat. The finished meat product is extremely tender and lean. 

 You may visit our store to place an order or visit us at the farmer's market. All pork is individually packaged and prices vary per pound.



Turkey & Duck

This year we are offering BROAD-BREASTED BRONZE TURKEY and PEKIN DUCK for your holiday meals. You cannot get a farm fresh, pasture-raised, Non-GMO turkey or duck anywhere in the Knoxville area, and we want to provide that for YOU, our beloved customers.

We favor the Broad-Breasted Bronze because its flavor, juiciness, and tender meat.


The White Pekin is a faster growing duck and will be ready to process between 6-8 weeks.

We raise our turkeys & ducks with the same standards as our chickens. We will begin with keeping them in a large tractor to protect them from predators. They will be moved daily onto new pasture. As they get bigger, our plan is to move them into the woods. This will give them access to not only fresh bugs and grass, but nuts, berries, and a wide variety of plants. We will supplement their diet with a HIGH PROTEIN, NON-GMO feed.