And we are offering YOU the FIRST OPPORTUNITY to

RESERVE your holiday turkey or duck NOW!

Can you believe we are already planning for the holidays? WHAT?!? I know, it seems like we just finished the 2019 holiday season, but on the farm, we are looking forward to the amazing things we plan to offer our customers this year.

This year we are offering BROAD-BREASTED BRONZE TURKEY and PEKIN DUCK for your holiday meals. You cannot get a farm fresh, pasture-raised, Non-GMO turkey or duck anywhere around, and we want to provide that for YOU, our beloved customers.

Why are we starting so early? Well, the simple answer is that it takes an average of 16 weeks to grow a turkey to a harvest weight. We want to make sure we give plenty of time for us to get the word out and our customers have time to place an order. Each turkey requires a $20 deposit which is applied towards your final purchase price. Turkeys will be available for pick up between November 16-November 25, 2020. Ducks will be available for pick up December 14-December 18, 2020.

Don’t find yourself on a waiting list or miss out on this opportunity… RESERVE YOUR TURKEY OR DUCK NOW!


Broad-Breasted Bronze Turkey $7.99/lb.

Large Broad-Breasted Bronze Turkeys are fast-growing turkeys that produce ample amounts of meat, much like the Broad-Breasted White Turkeys.  The feathers of the Broad-Breasted Bronze are dark with a metallic sheen and a whitish edging on the tail feathers, a coloration very similar to wild turkeys.  Broad-Breasted Bronze Turkeys are the picture of the traditional Thanksgiving turkey bird. 

While many farmers and grocery stores prefer the commercial standard Broad-Breasted White turkey, we favor the Broad-Breasted Bronze because its flavor, juiciness, and tender meat.

We raise our turkeys with the same standards as our chickens. We will begin with keeping them in a large tractor to protect them from predators. They will be moved daily onto new pasture. As they get bigger, our plan is to move them into the woods. This will give them access to not only fresh bugs and grass, but nuts, berries, and a wide variety of plants. We will supplement their diet with a HIGH PROTEIN, NON-GMO feed.

The Bronze is a faster growing bird and will be ready to process between 16 to 22 weeks. The DEADLINE TO RESERVE a turkey is MAY 1, 2020.


White Pekin Duck $10.99/lb.

The WHITE PEKIN DUCK is the number one choice for meat production. Developed in China and imported to the US in the 1870s, these ducks are the easiest domestic duck to raise and prepare for eating.  They are fast-growing and ready to process around 7 weeks. The average weight is 7-8 pounds.

We chose to go with the White Pekin not only for their size, but for their grazing abilities. The White Pekin is considered a dabbler. They enjoy water and mud, along with fresh pastured areas so they can get vegetation and insects. They graze easily and do better when allowed plenty of room for grazing.

Like the turkeys, we will begin the growing process with them in movable tractors to protect them from predators, where they will be moved to fresh grass daily. As they get bigger, they will be placed in movable fencing to allow them to free-range throughout the day. They will be provided with water access to splash around and dive. Their diet will be supplemented with HIGH PROTEIN, NON-GMO feed sourced from Sunrise Farms in Stuarts Draft, VA.

The White Pekin is a faster growing duck and will be ready to process between 6-8 weeks. However, they are only available until July. The DEADLINE TO RESERVE a duck is JUNE 1, 2020.

As always, please feel free to ask us ANY questions you may have about our turkeys, ducks, their pastures, our growing practices, and our feed! RESERVE YOUR TURKEY OR DUCK TODAY!


Deposit for 2020 turkey or duck is $20 each



Holiday Turkey & Duck Reservation Agreement

Payment of the deposit invoice constitutes as a binding contract in which Half Ridge Farm agrees to reserve a turkey or duck for the customer to be delivered in the fall of 2020. Customer agrees that the final cost of the turkey or duck to be calculated at $7.99/lb. for Whole Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey or $10.99/lb. Whole Pekin Duck. Should the customer cancel their order, this deposit is non-refundable. Payment in full for the remainder of the turkey must be made at the time of or prior to pick-up. Once deposit has been paid, the customer is guaranteed their reservation or a refund in full will be given.

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